With more than 200 members, and a brand new waterfront clubhouse, the BYC is one of the best ways to enhance your summer experience at the Jersey Shore.  Each year, BYC welcomes new members and enjoys the vitality new members bring to our organization. 

Top 10 Reasons to Join the BYC:

  1. Long-term Friendships
  2. Top junior sailing program
  3. Summer filled with Family friendly activities
  4. Bustling bar and casual menu
  5. Top Sailboat Racing Program
  6. Bay-front clubhouse
  7. Spectacular sunsets
  8. Weekend Social Events
  9. Welcoming come-as-you-are vibe
  10. Generations of wonderful memories

Applicants who have two BYC members willing to sponsor their application may apply at any time.  Applicants without sponsors may request an interview by the Membership Committee.  Interviews can be scheduled until June 15th of each year and resume on August 16th.  When a new member joins the BYC after August 16th, their membership applies for the remainder of that year and the full following year at no extra cost.

BYC Application process:   

  • Learn about the BYC:
    • Explore our website for club history, photos, bylaws, and rules.
    • Talk with any of your friends who are members of the club
    • Contact us for information.
    • Take a tour of the clubhouse and grounds.
  • Complete and submit a Membership Application:
    • Ask two current BYC members to sponsor your application OR
    • Request an interview by the Membership Committee
  • Send us your application:
    • Email is preferred
    • US Post is also acceptable
  • The Membership Committee will review and process your application and forward it to the Trustees for a vote.
  • Upon receipt of your Welcome Letter you may use club facilities. Dues and fees invoice will be sent to you.
  • You will be introduced at the next General Membership meeting.

    If you have any questions regarding membership please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Click on the 2024 BYC Membership Application below and this will give you directions on how to fill out the form on-line using the QR code.  A paper membership application is also available.

Click here for your 2024 Membership Application