Since 1945, the BYC has been host to some of the best in sailing.

Our variety of programs and events are enjoyed by people from all backgrounds and skill levels — for learning, leisure or the thrill of competition.

The BYC offers members an active teaching program for youth and adult sailing led by an experienced sailing director and certified sailing instructors. The BYC sailing program is designed for sailors of all types.  New sailors and racing sailors, children as young as 8 years old and adult sailors of all ages.  We have something for everyone.  BYC has club boats for learning to sail; both small optimist boats for 8-14 year olds, as well as sunfish, laser and 420 boats.  There is a larger keeled sailboat for giving family lessons.

The sailing program is managed by an adult sailing director and the program is overseen by the rear commodore and a sailing committee of experienced BYC members.  We have a staff of 8 sailing directors, instructors and racing coaches that help administer the sailing program.  Last year the junior sailing program comprised over 70 kids and gave lessons every weekend to adults who were new sailors.  For information on the sailing program please contact Rear Commodore David Miller at In order to participate in the sailing program you must be a member of the yacht club.

2023 Junior Sailing Program

This year the program begins on Monday June 26th and runs for 8 weeks.  The sailors are grouped into one of three groups; beginners, intermediate and racing sailors.  The program runs 5 days per week.   Beginners often sail in the morning when the wind is the lightest.  Intermediate and Racing sailors sail in the afternoons when the wind is stronger.  Racing sailors sometimes travel to regattas at other yacht clubs both north and south of Brigantine.  Check the event calendar for the most current schedule of sailing practices, races, fun days and travel days.

The beginners program is for sailors as young as 8 years old and is an informal set of lessons that focus on fun, safety and sailing.  These sailors will start in an Optimist Sailboat, provided by either the BYC (if available) or by the student in their second year sailing.  Older or larger students may begin their lessons in a Sunfish if appropriate. In this program students will learn the basics of sailing including:

  • Sailing terminology
  • Rigging
  • Launching
  • Docking
  • Points of sail
  • Capsizing
  • Safety

The Intermediate and Racing sailors program is for sailors that have mastered the basics and are interested in advancing their skills in more varied wind conditions and also advancing to racing.  Sailors may be only interested in social sailing for in competitor racing and we place the students in the appropriate group according to their interests.  Lessons here include a focus on rules of sailing, boat speed, racing terminology and techniques.

Weekend Sailing

Based on demand, the BYC club holds lessons for children, adults and families. This program is designed to accommodate families that may only be in Brigantine on weekends and is scheduled according to demand.  Some years there is higher demand than other years.  Contact the rear commodore or the Adult sailing director for more information on this program.  In addition to a regular program, private lessons can be scheduled on the weekends for children, adults or families as long as the lesson is scheduled with 48 hours notice.  The fee for these lessons is $30 per hour.


Sailors of all ages are welcome to participate in BYC club regattas during July 4th weekend or in the Friday night racing series.  During the week, there will be a summer racing series for children to participate in and to learn about racing.  Additionally there are opportunities to travel on Wednesdays and Thursday to away regattas where there may be as many as 100 boats on the water.

The BYC sailing program is a unique and exceptional opportunity for sailors of all ages.  Beyond sailing, you are welcome to come meet and learn about our club and its history while having a great time on and around the water.  We would love to invite you to come down for a visit.