Since 1945, the BYC has been host to some of the best in sailing.

Our sailing programs and events are enjoyed by people of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels — new sailors to leisure sailors to competitive racers will all find a place at the Brigantine Yacht Club.

The BYC offers members sailing instruction for youth and adult sailors at every experience level. These teaching programs are led by an experienced sailing director and certified sailing instructors. We have something for everyone from age 7 to adult. For the beginning sailor, BYC has club boats available for learning to sail, including Optimists for sailors aged 7 to 16, as well as Sunfish, Lasers and Club 420s for teen and adult learners.

Our sailing program, overseen by the Rear Commodore, is managed on a daily basis by an on-site sailing director. We have a staff of 8 sailing directors, instructors and racing coaches. Last year more than 70 children and teens participated in our Junior Sailing Program. Adults can learn to sail during weekend lessons.

For information on the sailing program please contact Rear Commodore Dave Miller at hagendolch@hotmail.com . In order to participate in the sailing program you must be a member of the Brigantine Yacht Club.

2023 Junior Sailing Program

Our Junior Sailing Program begins in June and runs for 8 weeks. The sailors are placed into one of three groups: beginner, intermediate and racing sailors. Sailors receive instruction at BYC on Monday through Friday. On Thursdays, racing sailors travel to regattas where they are coached by club instructors. Beginners often sail in the morning when the wind is the lightest. While intermediate and racing sailors receive instruction in the afternoons when the wind is stronger. Check the event calendar for the most current schedule of sailing practices, races, fun days and travel days.

Beginners Sailing Program:
The beginners program is for sailors from 7 to 16 years old. The focus is on sailing basics, boating safety, and fun. These sailors will start in either an Optimist, Sunfish or Club 420s, depending on age and size.

The Intermediate Sailing Program:
The intermediate program is for sailors who have mastered the basics and are interested in advancing their skills. These sailors will learn advanced sailing skills and have the opportunity to sail in a variety of wind conditions. They will also be taught the rudiments of racing. Sailors who do not wish to sail competitively will stay in the intermediate group where they will get access to instruction and increase their sailing knowledge while remaining “social” sailors.

The Racing Sailing Program:
The racing program is for sailors who want to compete in local and regional regattas. These sailors have mastered the fundamentals and will learn the rules of racing, how to enhance boat speed, and advance racing techniques.

Weekend Sailing
Based on demand, the BYC provides weekend lessons for adults, children and families. This program is designed to accommodate families that may only be in Brigantine on weekends and is scheduled according demand. For more information about weekend sailing, contact Rear Commodore Dave Miller at hagendolch@hotmail.com

Private Lessons
In addition to a regular program, private lessons can be scheduled on the weekends for children, adults or families with a minimum of 48 hours notice. The fee for these lessons is $40 per hour. For more information about private lessons, contact Rear Commodore Dave Miller at hagendolch@hotmail.com 

Brigantine Yacht Club members are able to sail in a variety of regattas, from low-key club regattas to regional and national regattas where there can be 100 or more boats participating.

The BYC sailing program is a unique and exceptional opportunity for sailors of all ages. Beyond sailing, we invite you to stop by our club to meet our members, learn more about our sailing and social programs, and take in the spectacular view from our newly renovated clubhouse.


We are committed to providing a safe, educational and positive environment for everyone.

All members, sailors, instructors, parents, children and guests are expected to promote and support the key principles of respect, trust and caring — both on and off the water.

Sailors, Instructors and Employees

  1. All program participants must demonstrate good sportsmanship and respectful behavior.
  2. Cursing, abuse fighting or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  3. The borrowing of any equipment or supplies from any members’ boat without permission is strictly prohibited.
  4. In competition, sailors must abide by The Racing Rules of Sailing and local modifications.
  5. Sailors that arrive late for classes are responsible for the set-up of equipment .
  6. Juniors are responsible for launching and properly storing all equipment they use.
  7. Swimming is allowed only under adult or instructor supervision and at one’s own risk.
  8. There is NO DIVING off of the docks, pilings, or hoist platform.
  9. Life jackets must be worn by all participants while in a boat. Children under the age of 7 (and those who have not passed the swim proficiency test) must wear life jackets at all times on the water and off.
  10. Participants may not leave the BYC grounds without notice and permission of instructors.
  11. Patrol boats may only be driven by instructors (at least 16 years of age and duly licensed). Sailors MAY be in the boat with an instructor for instructional purposes only.
  12. Indoor “Tack Room” and outdoor storage shed is for BYC equipment ONLY under direction of sailing instructors. All walkways and areas around electrical boxes and water heaters must remain clear.
  13. Junior members are not permitted to sit in the bar area, even when the bar is closed.
  14. Members must demonstrate respect and care for the club and its facilities at all times. All trash and recyclable materials must be disposed in appropriate containers.

Parents and Children

  1. Parent members and guests are responsible for the supervision and behavior of their children on BYC property.
  2. Playing on docks without direct adult supervision is not permitted
  3. Playing on boat hoists, boat ramps or boating equipment is not permitted at any time.